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Home Tours 1:00pm – 6:pm

Guided Tours: 1:30pm and 2:30pm

The tradition of our neighborhood Tour of Homes began in early 1990 as the neighborhood was battling TDOT in regard to freeway expansion and was struggling to find help and recognition to assist in that battle. How could we get the attention of the entire neighborhood, city government, and citizens of Knoxville to come to our defense – to help us save a historic piece of the city that had long been forgotten?

The answer was: show it off! Let the world know what has been happening here in the inner city, right beside the freeway. And Voila!! A Tour of Homes! With much fear and uncertainty, six brave souls began meeting and planning the biggest party they had ever planned. After hours of volunteer effort, and the hospitality of even braver folks who opened their homes for the event, we all waited through a sleepless night and in breathless anticipation to see if anyone would come to our party.

On Saturday, September 22, 1990 we proudly opened our doors to 1,000 curious visitors who came to discover their grandmother’s home, sit on real front porches, rub their hands over old oak mantles, look at period furniture and light fixtures, and, most importantly, rediscover history. One thousand people!! Amazing!! Our party was a huge success – and it has continued for 30 years.

People continue to tour Historic Fourth and Gill because it is a truly unique Knoxville neighborhood that gets better with age. Most of the homes are now over 100 years old; a rarity in our-throw away culture. Visitors experience high quality, original craftsmanship, and painstaking restorations. They delight in the way old rooms have been adapted into contemporary spaces. They connect to family, community history, and to the warmth and friendliness of the residences.

With much excitement, as we celebrate the 30th Anniversary Tour, the Historic Fourth and Gill Tour of Homes Committee invites you to spend the day with us. New for the 2020 Tour, we are offering a pre-tour brunch, complete with delicious food selections and light cocktails. Mayor Indya Kincannon will recognize members of the original Tour of Homes Committee and speak of her time as a 20-year resident. Guests who choose to take advantage of the brunch option, please provide your email address when purchasing ticket(s) at FourthandGill.Org, so we may update you with forthcoming information.

Included with the general admission ticket and open to all tour guests, the 2020 Tour will also feature an exhibit at the Neighborhood Center, a.k.a., The Birdhouse. This exhibit will focus on tours of the past.

Tour guests may choose to walk the self guided tour path or hitch a ride on a trolley. Yet, another new feature for 2020, two guided tours, 1:30pm and 2:30pm, will be available to all guests who would like to participate. Our tour guides are “long time” residents with vast knowledge of the neighborhood.

Please join us as the 30-year party continues in this premier Knoxville Historic District. Welcome to our table!

Historic Fourth and Gill Tour of Homes Tickets

Please bring a copy of your receipt to the ticket table at Central United Methodist Church to claim your tour booklet(s).


30th Anniversary Historic Fourth and Gill Tour of Homes and Brunch

Exact brunch location information will be sent to your email address. Please look for additional information to come for our special pre-tour brunch!

50.00 $


Historic Fourth and Gill Tour of Homes Tickets

Please bring a copy of your receipt to the ticket table at Central United Methodist Church to claim your tour booklet(s).

12.00 $

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