7th Annual Tour de Lights

Hey, y’all!

This is just a heads up about a slight change in the details around this year’s Tour de Lights bike ride, which passes through 4th & Gill. Please see information relayed by the fabulous Kelley Segars below:

“Due to the high attendance, KPD and event organizers agreed that we needed to move to a closed parade route instead of the leap-frog control of major intersections. We were getting spread out too far and people were getting left behind to deal with major intersections without KPD assistance. So please be aware that the route will be closed to all traffic from about 7 p.m. til about 8:15 p.m., depending on where along the route you are. KPD says they will allow cars to move through if there is a break in the parade (ride).  “

More info about the event: http://www.knoxtrans.org/tourdelights

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